BellaTiers Cake Designs began, as most of these stories do,  with a child who loved to eat, design, and make a mess.

Kim Schuster, owner and head decorator of BellaTiers, has been playing around with sweets since she got her first Easy Bake Oven, where she rebelled against her small plastic box and instead, despite worried stares and nail biting from her mother, decided it was better to use the bigger oven instead, Kim, as a young teen, signed up for her first Wilton cake decorating class at a local Micheal's, where she then went on to complete all courses and monopolize any family cake needs for years to come. Jumping from family members, teachers, to friend of a friends - Kim was able to create her first website, gaudy business cards, and a name: BellaTiers. 

Since then, she completed her Pastry degree at Le Cordon Bleu, Chicago and went on to work several years catering thousands of local events as Pastry Sous Chef at Food For Thought Catering. While all things CAKE remains her specialty, her work in catering allowed her to  experience creating any custom dessert, from bite size to life size - with flavors and origins from around the world.

After learning how to create paid advertisements for BellaTiers on Google, she transitioned career paths to work with a digital advertising company, Resolution Media, where she is currently employed. In her spare time she continues to build her pastry skills, taking on orders when she can in hopes that someday she can turn her sights back to BellaTiers 100%, and expand her business in to something amazing (and delicious, of course).

Always willing to hear new ideas for cakes, sweet tables, cuppycakes, and more - please don't ever hesitate to reach out. Even if you just need a recipe. <3