Turner Wedding @ the Allerton Park & Retreat Center

Our most recent cake adventure took us all the way down near Springfield Illinois for a beautiful wedding in the Allerton center. Driving through acre after acre of garden (1,500 acres in fact!), the wedding itself was hosted in what appeared to be the main house - the previous owner of which used to be a philanthropist who donated the land to the University of Illinois over half a century ago.

The bride and groom liked flavors of citrus and tart fruits/berries like blueberries and raspberries. The final flavor combo was a lemon zest buttermilk cake with scratch made raspberry jam, lemon curd and lemon-scented Italian butter cream.

With the long drive ahead of me - the delivery ended up being a family affair.  My mother insisted on coming to help out, and my niece and nephew hopped in the car as well, considering this a 'road trip'. It ended up being a really cute day - all of us piled in the car, wrapped in blankets and sweaters with the air blasted on high to keep the cake in a fridge-like environment. The ride wasn't bad at all (thank god) and after building and setting up the cake we got to take a nice walk through some of the gardens.

On to the next! Much love. :)

Congratulations to Nicole and Eric!



Bella Blogging 101

What's the key to blogging? Actually doing it! I have been terrible over the last couple years in keeping up with this sort of thing, despite the fact that when I set out to start a cake business - blogging was something I was super passionate about.

Anyhoo - where are we today? Busy busy with digital marketing, working to hit my 5th year out of being in the pastry world on a day to day basis. I miss it all the time. I will say - I've had an increasing amount of random conversations with fellow culinarians recently about opening several different visions of bakeries/cafes. What a dream! Or a nightmare... I cant decide. My visions immediately get clouded with dollar signs and I try to get distracted with something else.

The good news - I'm trying to passive aggressively force my good friend into expanding online. We have a commercial kitchen that's up for grabs and I think it could be a really fun way of getting a new name out there. What should we MAKE, universe!? 

More to come soon, Bella fans. Also - sorry this website is bare bones - I'm 'working on it'. Hopefully over the next 3 decades or so we'll have something to work with here. 

Much love!